Wide Skies Holding Tight

Jodie Evans

Climbing has recently become a popular indoor sport, with many people using indoor gyms, but there is also the wider world of climbing in the outdoors. Climbers have found boulders in beautiful locations and have transformed them into stages where they will use all their strength and experience to master the unique climb. It’s similar to watching a choreographed dance with nature but this dance expresses power; their individual shadows dancing with them as they hold tightly to the rocks, surrounded by wide skies and rolling hills. We witness the climber connect with nature, making a plain rock face a part of their sport. In the way they are able to negotiate these rock faces they have truly made these mountains their natural habitat. The climbers battle alone in this sublime landscape with fresh air in their lungs as their minds clear of everything except the immediacy of the climb and that connection to the surface of the earth. They may be in control
of how they move, but they can’t control the wide, indomitable landscape. These climbers have the power and the confidence to hold onto the rock face but they are powerless to change it.