by Mihai Moldavanu

He surfs MeLife for a minute, then he writes to Morz:

Skybynum: Are you up?

He had a surprisingly vivid dream, but he couldn’t tell you in detail what he saw, something about a subterranean civilisation plotting revenge on the surface dwellers for stealing their resources.

Skybynum: I don't understand why we go on pretending that the world is organised according to classical logic or scientific logic.

Skybynum: … which says: ‘A and B are not identical if they have one or more differences’. As we know everything has different qualities on a macro scale at least, god only knows what is happening on the sub-atomic level—he might not know either to be honest.

Skybynum: There can’t be two exact chairs, otherwise, it’s the same chair, right? so it follows we have a bunch of separate things or chairs. The second assumption of classical logic is that everything exists in a state of separation, (a) cannot be, and (b) so all these chairs exist separate from each other.

Skybynum: So based on that, for something to move through space it has to travel through a part of space, say an inch, so to travel that, it has to travel half of that and to travel half of that it needs to firstly travel half of that, you know what I mean?

Morz: Yeah, sure.

Morz knew where this was going, and she didn’t like it at all.

Skybynum: If we were to take this assumption to its logical end, then we would have to keep doing this, infinitely.

Skybynum: Say we assume there is ‘plank’ or a minimum amount of space that is undividable, like, an individual, an undividable plank of space. How does motion occur from one plank to the next?

Skybynum: Ok ok ok this is not gonna be like some academic paper or something, it just follows that for an object to travel through space it has to go through an infinite amount of finite spaces, otherwise we have to accept that the world is fundamentally fluid, undividable and unified or formed of mysterious planks of space and time that teleport. Zeno has talked about these things millennia ago.

Sky was trying really hard to stop himself from going into a spiral of associations.

Skybynum: I’m just saying that maybe our world is not made of separate individual things, but instead, it’s all one thing with different parts, and this thing is just simply not divided into self-sufficient elements that stay so eternally.

Skybynum: Things seem different and in some sense they are, but they are not, you know what I mean?

Sky was fuming, his brain was stuck in a loop, he was unable to figure out what was his frustration about, never mind trying to get rid of this feeling.

Skybynum: I’m only talking about this, because, I think Enlightenment is kind of totalitarian.

Suddenly Sky had flashbacks to the VR video he watched a few days back; he felt like a meat puppet. He becomes aware of the automatic way in which he was typing on the keyboard. “Am I doing this of my own free will?”

Skybynum: Through this process of individualisation of the world, we gain control over it, we understanding it better, but we also we alienate ourselves from it. We create a false sense of separation between us and other people, us and the rest of the natural world, which inevitably leads, as history has shown, to us trying to control our environment, other humans, which leads to concentration camps, which leads to mechanised slaughter and environmental destruction, total consumption and who knows what, you get the drift.

Morz: It's easy to criticize traditional logic from your air-conditioned room with high-speed internet. Without formal logic, without individualisation of the world and our concepts, you won't have much in terms of technology or systems of thought.

Morz: All is all, not very helpful for anything really, isn’t it? And one more thing Sky, the world seems pretty separate to me.

Morz was in a bad mood, Dow Jones has been falling for the third week in a row again. It all felt like a pointless exercise in armchair philosophy, a waste of her precious time, time she could be coding, or gaming; and it’s not like she hasn’t thought about this paradox before, with people more intelligent then Sky, she thought.

Morz: I don't know about you, but this doesn't seem like much of an upgrade from the shitty situation we're in. This rant of yours may be valid, but what is your alternative? I mean, sure, prob everyone would live more or less peacefully, make mad art, and trip together at the end of an entire day running from mammals and collecting berries, but would you want to live in such a world? As Morz presses enter on his keyboard one of the water pipes in Skybynum’s apartment cracks and then explodes under the pressure, flooding the apartment in seconds. He got up in a panic and slipped on the concrete floor, hitting his lower back.

(as featured in the publication Hole Punch)